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We help you tell stories even when you think you have nothing.

Product Explainer Videos

A short video explaining your product, business and idea.
Ideal for pitching in or promoting new releases.
Easy to share and promote.

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Event Videos

After movie, A two-day event compiled into 5 minutes of memories.
Preserve memories
Use it to promote later instances of same event

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Showcase Videos

Can be a music video, a dance video or sand art video.
Promote hidden talent.
Reach out to larger audience
Preserve Memories

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Logo, business card, marketing collaterals, letterhead, etc
Differentiate an organization from competition
Adds value to business

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Print Design

Posters, Flyers, T-shirts, Billboards, etc
Aids advertisement
Can be used for social media promotions and newspaper ads

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Other Graphic Design or Video Related Activities
Short Movies, Advertisements
Social Media Marketing

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Know us

About Us

We are some twenty something individuals who are passionate about digital content creation. From Graphic Design to Audio-Visual Content creation, we love what we do.

A Little Background

It all started in NIT Rourkela. We, along with some other students started Cinematics, the first film making club in NIT Rourkela. And with Cinematics, we learnt tricks of the trade, acquire different skills, mastered softwares, won numerous competetions and accolades, and practiced for days on end

Why We Did it

There is a new generation of youngsters in India, who are immensely talented in their own field. But can't afford the high cost branding offered by others to promote themselves. We just wanted to change that scenario.

Productive Team

Meet Our Team Members

We are a small but efficient team.

Abodid Sahoo

Abodid Sahoo


All footages come to life with his editing skills. Forgets to eat or sleep while working.

Abhishek Kuthum

Abhishek Kuthum


He does not miss a moment and does magic behind the camera . But his actual hobby is sleeping.

Rites Bera

Rites Bera

Motion Graphics Artist

Animation and Motion Graphics Master. Also, Master Procrastinator. Avid Traveller.

Bharat Bhushan Apat

Bharat Bhushan Apat

UX Designer

The DESIGNER. His bible is Adobe Illustrator. Writes typical Desi wala Bollywood Stories .

Kunal Ranjan Sahoo

Kunal Sahu


From Character Developement to Scene Illustration, He does it all. Loves to Dance, and skype.

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